I’m Evan Sears and I’m a designer living in the grand city of Chicago, IL. Currently open to full-time, freelance, and commissioned work.

I grew up in the middle of nowhere North Carolina and studied Mobile and Graphic design in Milwaukee, WI where I interned at a local nonprofit called Ad 2 Milwaukee. Never did I ever expect to now be designing in one of America’s largest cities.

I focus primarily on illustration design, User Experience / Interface design, general branding, and print. My design inspiration and aesthetic stems heavily from growing up analyzing Japanese cartoons and pop culture, so you’ll see plenty of bright color, squiggly lines, and whimsical characteristics in my work.

I never want to stop learning and will continue to push myself to achieve my goals, as I did throughout my life.

When I’m not designing amazing experiences you can catch me stuffing my face with either deep dish pizza or sushi.

Let’s connect and grab a coffee 🙂


evan sears headshot